Entertaining the Little Ones


Having come from a fairly big family with a lot of kids, I know how hard it can be to keep them all happy, entertained and enjoying themselves. Especially at a wedding when there is so much going on, and parents just want to let loose themselves!

So for a bride and groom the last thing you want on your big day is to be worried about bored, unhappy children.

There’s loads of options when it comes to entertaining the little ones, from small inexpensive ideas to more large scale activities, which would happily entertain the big kids too. So here’s a list of ideas for how you could combat those bored little faces on your big day, and replace them with big cheesy grins!

Outdoor Games

If you’re having a summer wedding a great idea is to have lawn games for the children, and probably the adults will want to join in too! Giant jenga, ker plunk, wedding ring toss and bowls are sure to keep the kids occupied.. so long as the rain holds off

Activity Booklet

If you’re looking for something simple and cheap to keep them busy at the table, then these little activity booklets are perfect. There are lots of free downloadable ones online,so all you need to do is print them and give out some colouring pencils and the jobs done! The kids will be away designing their own wedding cakes or dresses (and most importantly keeping quiet during the speeches). They can also be made personalised and can be ordered through websites like etsy for minimal effort.

{I do, I do – Free printable}

Child Friendly favours

Another option for keeping the little ones happy is to give out different favours specifically for children. Something as simple as some chocolate buttons or a little pot of bubbles will definitely go down a treat at the kiddies table!

Wedding Mad Libs

Here’s one for the older children, which guaranteed to keep them occupied and make a good read on the honeymoon. Mad Libs is a game where you write a story leaving out some blanks and get another person to fill it in, and there are lots of free printables online for wedding related versions! You could get them to tell your love story from how you met to what the future looks like, and see what funny scenarios they come up with.

{Wed-Libs Free Printable}

I Spy…

Everyone loves going around snapping photos at a wedding, especially children! Yes, you may end up developing masses of blurry, inconceivable pictures, but you never know what candid moments they will catch while they are having fun and interacting with others guests on your big day.

{I Spy – Free Printable}


Building bricks

Now this one is a great idea if you are having a dedicated kids table. Rather than a big floral arrangement as a centerpiece, why not have a giant bowl of lego? So rather than sitting and messing with the expensive centerpieces, the children can sit and build to their hearts desire. Also, if you are not a fan of bright colours, you could try to get bricks that match your colour scheme. This idea may be quite time consuming, or difficult to achieve, but a kid’s table that blends in with the theme will be so much more pleasing on the eye.

Sweetie Cart

I have most definitely saved the best until last here! Who doesn’t love sweets? and when it’s in the form of a buffet it is even better! This is sure to be a hit with the younger ones, but just make sure you keep some extra for top ups, because we all know adults love a sweetie buffet too. It’s also a great opportunity to add a personal touch by using printed paper bags.

I hope that this list has given you some ideas on how to control the tiny terrors, if you would like to see more then please follow my Pinterest board  at http://www.pinterest.com/gracenicolewed

Grace Nicole



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