Take the Leap


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Today  is February 29th. Do you know what that means?

It means that today is the day for you to propose to your man!

Okay okay, you don’t have to.. but it is a well known tradition that on a leap year the roles are reversed and a woman can propose to a man.

(Not that women can’t propose whenever they want – down with patriarchy and all that!)

This whole idea originates from 5th Century Ireland where it was made a law that on a leap year a woman can propose to a man, and if he didn’t say yes he would be fined. Where’s Dicaprio when you need him?

Even though in today’s day and age men won’t be forced to say yes, if you are thinking of popping the question to your Mr Right, here are ten ways you could go about it.

1. With a pint


2. With a cuppa


3. With a big gesture


4. With his favourite book


5. With his favourite sport


6. With his best friend


7. With his favourite pudding


8. With a puzzle


9. With an explanation


10. With Pizza


because the real way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right?


So good luck to those ladies who are plucking up the courage today!!


Thanks for reading!

Grace Nicole



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