NEW TREND: The Hanging Centrepiece



The hanging centrepiece is without a doubt one of my favourite wedding trends at the minute. It’s whimsical, awe-inspiring and oh so beautiful. It takes many forms, but mainly consists of your usual wedding breakfast centrepieces suspended above the table, so be it flowers, ribbons or lights, this is an idea you can take away and really fit into your chosen theme.


I think this idea is perfect for a smaller reception, if you are all to be sat on one long table not only will it take your guests breath away, but another positive is that everyone will be able to actually see and speak to one another without having to peer around a bunch of flowers between them.. BONUS!


So without me gassing on too much about how much I love these! Please allow me to pass the obsession onto you, here is a list of my favourite hanging centrepieces of this season:



Bring the outside inside with cascades of your favourite flower or plant beautifully hung above your guests as they eat.



A birdcage centerpiece is always a sure winner, but adding a few hung above the table literally takes it up a level!



If you’re a more quirky couple, or both just love a good book.. then this is the perfect centerpiece for you. It’s whimsical and magical, with a slight Alice in Wonderland feel.



You could use small cuttings of your wedding flower hung in gorgeous bottles for a more simplistic and rustic day.



Hanging glass bubbles above the table is an idea I have seen a lot of, you can fill the bubbles with either candles or flowers. They look so beautiful as they blend so naturally with the surroundings, but are sure to light up the night when the lights go down.



Another idea that will really come to life when the evening comes is using bulbs for your hanging centerpiece. An idea your guests are sure to be wowed by!


Or you could recreate your bridal bouquet by having a big bunch of flowers hanging above the tables. This couple has used olive branches as a nod to their culture and surroundings, and they look so beautiful!


Looking to make a big statement? Then a chandelier is definitely going to wow your guests, and by draping it with your flowers and greenery only enhances it more.



Another small and simplistic idea is to use embroidery rings as suspended centerpieces. Add in some cute ribbon and flowers and your table decor is sorted.



Keep it original with terracotta flower pots, these will look amazing alongside a bright and colourful theme! (P.S. please make sure they are secure because nobody wants a head injury at their wedding)



If you are really looking to be bang on trend, then why not use geometric shapes adorned with flowers for your centerpieces? Like the bubbles they are beautiful but don’t take away from the other decorations.



Keep with your rustic theme by hanging mason jars above your guests, these can hold flowers or candles or both and can be filled with whichever florals your heart desires.



Like the jars, you could also use lanterns, they could hold flowers for the wedding breakfast and light up the room with candles in the evening.



Another of my favourites is the idea to use a plank of wood or even a ladder to hold up your flowers. Then just let the greenery swoop down over the guests.



Hanging flowers and petals from ribbons creates a beautiful boho feel for the wedding breakfast.



If you’re wanting a magical, tea party feel then you should fill up some teacups with pretty flowers and hang them above your guests. I’m sure you agree that these will look lovely!


I hope that has given you some food for thought, and don’t forget that the real beauty of a hanging centerpiece is that it can fit in with pretty much any theme or wedding flower going.. so from posh chandeliers to rustic olive branches, you can definitely create an amazing atmosphere through suspended decor.


Hope you’re loving this trend as much as I am!


Grace Nicole



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